About “SQUARS”

Product Owner (PO)

2022/08/08 08:27
Product Group
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About the VIRNECT Development Center

The VIRNECT Development Center is in charge of planning/designing/developing the platform web service SQUARS and the related standard solution Remote. The main features include:
SQUARS Studio can be used for Web AR/VR content authoring
SQUARS SDK provides functions like object tracking, object training, or cloud recognition integrated in the customer application
SQUARS API enables users to implement their own solutions
SQUARS Market Place — users can find various assets for authoring content and share authored content


Set goals and establish strategies for AR Technology-based platform services
Alignment of goals based on global market development and product growth cycles
Product development based on the analysis of defined performance indicators


More than 3 years of experience in service/platform planning, PM, PO
Ability to analyze service quality and solve problems based on user-oriented and data-driven thinking
Ability to plan and drive product growth and collaborate with various departments such as marketing, planning, design, and development
Ability to develop and create new services based on the latest technology such as WebAR

Other desired skills

Experience in monitoring and analyzing services and products
Experience in service planning related to AR/VR/MR contents or devices
Experience in collaborating with overseas branches and communicating in English in a professional context
Experience in organizing sprints in collaboration with the Product Team
Experience in establishing new services and with PMF operations

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