About “SQUARS”

SQUARS Members

SQUARS members are made up of organizations under the CTO Group. Our aim is to raise the value of SQUARS and lead it into a successful future.

We work like this

As a mission-oriented working group, we support each other.

We work as a functional team divided into working groups (squads). We see ourselves as part of a larger entity with the aim to create work for all of us. We respect different points of view held by others, and we actively seek to solve problems through open communication and exchange of ideas.

We get better through reflection and collaboration.

At the end of each work process, the team will have time to look back and review their work. We are creating a culture which allows us to rethink our current ways of working and, if necessary, improve them. When a mistake occurs, we work together on solving it rather than putting the blame on others. We regard each mistake as a unique learning opportunity.

Everyone participates in the decision-making process.

All members are invited to come together in a town hall meeting to propose and discuss ways in which our culture can be improved. Any member can suggest an idea they think might be beneficial to the company. We listen to each other's opinions, while the company values every employee’s input.

We are looking for people with a growth mindset.

When you are blocked by the barrier of [Challenge] → [Embraces] Accept it willingly.
When you are blocked by the barrier of [Obstacle] → [Persists] Strive until you can overcome it.
When you are blocked by the barrier of [Effort] → [No pain, No gain] If you make an effort, you can definitely grow.
When you are blocked by the barrier of [Criticism] → [Learns from] Learn from the criticism of others.
When you are blocked by the barrier of [the success of others] → [Be inspired by] Use the success of others as a stimulus.

We are working hard to create the following environment:

Communicate in ways that are clear and easily understandable.
At work, use of your own strengths to your advantage.
Take responsibility for the role assigned to you.
Concentrate on successfully completing the mission rather than on time spent.
Ensure that your work is transparent and approach your colleagues’ opinions and feedback with an open mind. (Sometimes, you are required to communicate your own opinion and give feedback)
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