About “SQUARS”

QA Engineer

2022/08/08 08:27
DevOps Team
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About the VIRNECT Development Center

The VIRNECT Development Center is in charge of planning/designing/developing the platform web service SQUARS and the related standard solution Remote. The main features include:
SQUARS Studio can be used for Web AR/VR content authoring
SQUARS SDK provides functions like object tracking, object training, or cloud recognition integrated in the customer application
SQUARS API enables users to implement their own solutions
SQUARS Market Place — users can find various assets for authoring content and share authored content


Perform service design/design review and modify requirements
Document, track, and resolve software bugs or errors and provide meaningful feedback to the development team
Design benchmarks, test cases and test frameworks
Understanding of test objectives in close collaboration with software engineers and designers
Build and maintain test environments
Document, track and escalate issues as needed
Collaborate with DevOps teams, Technical Product Managers (TPMs), tech leaders, and product leaders to develop and execute test plans
Professional role for all solutions and services developed and operated by the development center


3+ years of experience in software QA engineering or SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test)
Ability to prioritize tests
Experience with automated test tools (Selenium, Appium, AWS Device Farm, HeadSpin or similar related tools)
Experience with API test tools (Postman or similar REST API related test tools)
Experience with road test tools (JMeter, Artillery, Load Runner or similar related tools)
Ability to proceed with the QA process while adhering to strict standards

Other desired skills

Experience with automated testing frameworks
Experience in Regression Test Automation
Experience as a software engineer or software tester within a software development organization
Experience in testing video streaming, remote collaboration products, and web services

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