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Technical Planner

2022/08/08 08:27
CV Spatial Team
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About VIRNECT Research Center

Responsible for developing the original technology to compose the XR platform.
Currently, we are operating two research centers in Seoul and Vienna.
The Seoul Research Center consists of CV Spatial, Application, and Robot teams, and the Vienna Research Center consists of CV Object and API teams.
Based on the original technology developed at the Vienna Research Center and the Seoul Research Center, XR SDK, Track, is being produced.
Track is a software development kit that allows you to learn various objects, register them as XR targets, and track them.
Track supports images, QR codes, CAD models, and map targets to detect and track 6-DOF postures of objects and spaces in real time, making it possible to configure XR applications using them.
It supports PC (Window, Ubuntu, MacOS) and mobile (Android, iOS), and also supports the Unity plug-in, a commercial game engine.
Track is self-produced using C++ without using external libraries such as OpenCV, so it has the advantage of easy mounting of various hardware without external module dependencies.
Based on this, we are planning to expand to a new platform, SQUARS service, in the future.


Coordination and execution of mid/short-term development plans related to research centers
Establish a process for increasing technological synergy between departments related to the research center and perform linking work
Support for R&D projects related to research centers
Writing and reporting technical reports
Technology patent application process and management
Support for hiring professional technical personnel
Collect, analyze, and compare data on competitors and trends in the industry


Holder of a master's degree or Ph.D. in computer science
Ability to communicate in Korean

Other desired skills

Degree and experience in Mixed Reality are preferred
Degree and experience in 3D computer vision are preferred

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