About “SQUARS”


Q. What kind of talent does VIRNECT prefer? As Virnect is a technology-based company, don't you prefer candidates who hold a master’s degree or a Ph.D.?
Rather than placing too much emphasis on your academic or work-related experience within the industry, we very much value your ability to adapt well to a rapidly changing environment as found in a start-up, your striving for career growth and personal as well as professional achievements, your flexibility at work, and your ability to identify with VIRNECT’s vision.
We have established the above as the core values of VIRNECT. The ideal candidate needs to be able to see themselves in these values and must be willing to put them into practice.
Q. Who is the right fit for VIRNECT?
The perfect fit must meet the following criteria:
Can work autonomously but is also a great team player
Can build trust with users and employees through communication and consideration for other people’s opinions
Can actively consider user needs and propose ways to solve customer problems
Willingness to try out new approaches to problem solving and take challenges head on
Understands the value of donations and talent support to make the world a better place
Q. What is the recruitment process and method?
On the Recruitment page, you can check the current recruitment overview, inquire about open positions, and apply.
The general procedure is the following: document screening, 1st interview (replaced by prior assignment or coding test depending on the job position), 2nd interview, offer.
In order to check whether the applicant can perform the job well, the job interview is mainly conducted to verify the applicant’s experience, and a separate cultural interview is conducted to determine whether the candidate is also a good cultural fit for VIRNECT. It is also a good opportunity for applicants to understand what VIRNECT is all about.
Q. What do employees think of VIRNECT?
I remember what one of the new recruits told me a while ago. "Unlike other companies I worked for in the past, at VIRNECT I get to enjoy a great work environment and experience creative freedom. I would love to continue working in this amazing environment in the future."
Those who come to VIRNECT will enjoy the company-wide meetings and the great collaboration opportunities. You are free to speak your mind and share your opinion. This culture doesn’t just exist on paper but all employees are living testimony of it. Respecting each other as experts, having confidence in oneself, and borderless collaboration to achieve better results make up our organizational culture.
Q. Lastly, is there any story you would like to tell to excellent outside talent?
VIRNECT provides individual support so that each employee can bring out the very best in themselves. In addition, we are constantly striving to become better in order to achieve sustainable growth. If you are looking for a company where you can immerse yourself in new challenges and do so in an autonomous work environment, do not hesitate to apply!