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What does VIRNECT mean?
= Virtual + Connect
VIRNECT is an abbreviation of Virtual and Connect, which stands for connecting virtuality and reality.
Vision : Global No.1 XR Platform Company - A world where XR technology permeates every aspect of our lives
Mission : Create a smart, convenient, and sustainable low-carbon future by connecting reality/virtuality, people/robots, time/space, and information/knowledge/wisdom.

VIRNECT is a leading industrial XR solution company.

VIRNECT is a leading industrial XR solution company. We connect critical data from industrial sites through virtual reality. Via our XR services, we enable our users to access the information they need from anywhere and at any time. We create value by linking people/robots, time/space, information/knowledge/wisdom, and we are striving to grow into the global No.1 XR platform company in a world in which XR technology is used in all aspects of life.
- Established in 2016, Virnect has currently around 150 employees. - We are experiencing significant growth, with sales having doubled compared to the previous year. - In 2021, we secured a 'Series B investment' of KRW 30 billion, and are currently preparing for an IPO. - We are developing a metaverse-based XR platform and own about 90 intellectual property rights. - Having established overseas branches in addition to our Austrian branch, we believe in the power of global interconnectedness and foster international networking in the field of XR.
⇒ VIRNECT, which plans to list on the KOSDAQ in 2022, is issuing stock options!
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Code of Conduct


VIRNECT strives to build mutual trust with its customers, employees, and shareholders.
To build trust, you need to demonstrate flawless behavior. Show honesty in everything you do, and be committed to yourself and toward your colleagues. Once you make a promise, you must keep it and act consistently.
You also need to be honest with yourself to build trust. You should strive to be able to rationally explain your feelings, thoughts, and reasons for your thought processes so that the other person may better understand your point of view.
You must also remain objective. When there is a disagreement or conflict with another party, you must listen to the other party's opinion and objectively consider their line of thought. You need to be willing to support others, be fair, and be respectful.

Customer Success

VIRNECT strives to solve customer problems and help users to have a successful business.
You need to build long-term relationships with your customers, understand their expectations, and even identify potential issues that the customer isn't openly talking about.
After predicting potential problems that customers may face based on the information you have been given, you should be able to proactively suggest ways to solve these problems and gain our clients’ consent.


VIRNECT continues to take new approaches and overcome challenges to solve existing problems. We strive to create the world's most advanced products in the field of XR.
VIRNECT seeks innovation, above all else. In order to innovate, you must continue to challenge yourself by being open to taking different perspectives, and you must not be afraid of failure.
We believe we can solve problems quickly by trying out different approaches until we are successful.

Social Responsibility

VIRNECT strives to make the world a better place, and is not hesitant to do so by following the 1-1-1 model:
1% of the time: VIRNECT employees may volunteer to dedicate 1% of their working time to social activities such as promoting talent, offering career mentoring, or providing technological support for the underprivileged to make a valuable and positive contribution to the local community. Sometimes even a small contribution can have a large impact.
1% of assets: We support non-profit organizations by providing them with free VIRNECT SW products or HW equipment.
1% of capital (based on operating profit): Through voluntary fundraising by VIRNECT employees and an additional capital contribution by VIRNECT in proportion to the amount raised by its employees, donations are made to non-profit organizations, educational organizations, and vulnerable groups in the industrial sector.