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Backend Developer

2022/08/08 08:27
Platform Server Group
We would like to give a warm welcome to all applicants. Our recruitment team is here to accompany you on your way to join VERNICT.

About the VIRNECT Development Center

The VIRNECT Development Center is in charge of planning/designing/developing the platform web service SQUARS and the related standard solution Remote. The main features include:
SQUARS Studio can be used for Web AR/VR content authoring
SQUARS SDK provides functions like object tracking, object training, or cloud recognition integrated in the customer application
SQUARS API enables users to implement their own solutions
SQUARS Market Place — users can find various assets for authoring content and share authored content

Main Tasks

Responsible for refactoring the VIRNECT platform and redesign
Participate in system design reviews and code reviews, to ensure that the team adheres to top quality standards in terms of code and design.
Perform core projects to solve complex business problems in collaboration with technology research institutes, planning services, development teams, and related departments.


Responsible for developing the Content Authoring application server for SQUARS
Responsible for developing various web service servers included in SQUARS
Improve the SQUARS backend development, and participate in the development of common libraries and APIs.


Applicants should
have experience in developing Java & Spring Framework-based services
have an understanding of ORM such as JPA
have an understanding of RDBMS such as MySQL
have experience in NoSQL operation such as MongoDB and Redis
be able to communicate clearly
be able to perform tasks responsibly
be able to take the lead or jump in when co-workers are having difficulties

Other desired skills

Experience in implementing Cloud Rendering and Cloud Simulation for objects
Experience in Market Place / Media Processing / Game / Communication Tool / AR/VR/MR service
Experience in Agile SW
Experience in Docker Container
Experience with CI/CD Pipelines
Experience with Kafka, Spark, Hbase, Cassandra, and Redis
Experience in design / implementation based on understanding of MSA
Experience with Amazon Web Services (or other cloud)
Experience in Computer Science/Engineering or holds a related university degree
Experience in Web Services / API design (Restful or gRPC) and developing
Experience in media server development

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